225 Russell Street, Melbourne

This Shujinko flagship restaurant is located in the heart of Melbourne CBD on Russell Street, close to Chinatown and Melbourne night clubs and pubs. It operates 24 hours, 7 days a week. This is the most loved ramen franchise restaurant in Melbourne.



427 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne

This is the second restaurant, located in the bustling hub of Elizabeth Street, along the corridor to Queen Victoria Market in the Melbourne CBD. It is central to Melbourne’s prestigious apartment buildings in close vicinity to prime retail locations.



Shop 13, 276 Flinders Street, Melbourne – Open Sep 2018

Located close to the bustling Flinders Street Station, this store will have quick takeway options and operate 24/7.


SHUJINKO = しゅじんこう = 英雄 = main character/hero

We are Melbourne’s first 24 hours Japanese ramen restaurant. We want every customer to feel like a main character in their own story.

Shujinko’s ramen is also known as Tokyo-styled Tonkotsu, pork-based broth. Our special recipe create a unique taste in our ramen broth that has no comparison.

More than 12 hours of dedication and hard work is put in to our broth to bring out the deep flavour. We use only the freshest ingredients and toppings for our ramen that are delivered to our restaurants daily. We also offer fresh hand-made Gyoza (Japanese-style dumpling) and noodles at our store which is why we are different to other ramen restaurants.

Our motto is “Put your heart into the noodles and your love into the soup”.

One of the best things about our shop is, we never close. So, you can enjoy a bowl of ramen in the early morning or a late-night feast with our Izakaya menu, Japanese Sake, beer and beverages.

We believe that continuous support is key to success for our franchise partners. Therefore providing a one-stop solution to ensure business sustainability and organic growth, our support teams are available to you for all your business needs.

Shujinko is a fast-growing network of franchisees, covering all major cities across Australia. New franchise restaurants are expected to launch in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth in the near future.